A Powerful Economic Force in Asia

After living in Singapore for a few months I’ve come to respect the country. Before coming here I thought it was going to be some backwater Asian country – which only proves how little I know about this part of the world. I can only blame my ignorance on myself but I enjoy being pleasantly surprised to say the least! I found a country that could even rival the United States in terms of economic growth and even beyond in economic freedom. When searching for aircon servicing in Singapore I was again pleasantly surprised to find so many different available companies and service providers.

This goes to show just how far they have come. That shouldn’t be any great surprise – their location has proven to be a great and invaluable resource providing them with a natural port. It’s no wonder that Singapore was fought over with such violence during the world wars. Now, however, they have one of the only ports, if not the only port, in the world that can handle the largest class of container and cargo ships. This gives them an economic leverage that is utterly unrivaled by any power in the world while offering them clout at the diplomatic tables.

Too, their work force has become known as one of the most skilled and educated in that part of the world. When our company transferred our department from Japan to Singapore, I thought the boss must be crazy! Now I understand her decision to do so; it’s given our divison a source of labor that we were lacking in Japan. Most of us full-time employees were overworked as we struggled to keep up with production. The local part-time employees simply didn’t have it in them to match our skills while here in Singapore they have proven themselves to be more than valuable.

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