Almost Ready to Move in

There was a lot of work that I had to do, but the house is pretty much ready to move in. In fact I have the garage full of boxes that I have already moved over there. Last weekend I put in an alarm system myself and added a little home automation. These people, helped me get an ADT monitoring plan and I think that I did alright, although I would have liked it if I could have set it up so that it was less of a monthly bill. The house is old, it was build almost four decades ago, and so I spent a lot of effort in getting it up to date. I had to pretty much gut the kitchen. We hated the cabinets and the kitchen counters. So we took them out and put in a lot of new features that makes the place look a lot more modern.

In particular I wanted to put in a real pantry. I have always hated to squat down and look around in a dark cabinet for things that are buried back in the back. There is not much point in having kitchen cabinets if they are too tough for you use. This pantry is really nice because it has a great deal of space and all of it is right there, with plenty of light to see it. So you open the door, look for what you want and it is easy for you to get it. The kitchen island was for the wife. She likes that a lot better, it has a huge pot rack up above it and so you do not need a lot of cabinet space for the pots and pans. We have a lot of money in the appliances and that was a big job.

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