Figuring out the Space I Will Need

I needed to temporarily store my furniture and other possessions, but I was not sure where to do this. There are a lot of different storage facilities in the city, but that did not mean that they were all equal as far as prices, security and customer service. I went to each of their websites [...]

A Powerful Economic Force in Asia

After living in Singapore for a few months I’ve come to respect the country. Before coming here I thought it was going to be some backwater Asian country – which only proves how little I know about this part of the world. I can only blame my ignorance on myself but I enjoy being pleasantly [...]

Problematic Air Conditioner Finally is Fixed Right

I was looking at the Great Aircon servicing YouTube video when I was trying to find a quality air conditioning repair service. We have one of those ceiling mounted AC units in our house. I have never liked it at all. However, it is okay as long as it works. The problem is that we [...]