Getting Settled in My First House

I have my own place now, it is a tiny little house that I am buying from the aunt of one of my friends. She does not want to sell the place, but she has gotten old and frail and she needs to move to some place which requires less effort to keep up. This [...]

Mom is Receiving the Help She Needs from Me and a Caretaker

I am only 20 years old and I am in college. My mother taught me that it is important to go to school so that I don’t struggle throughout life. She put off getting a degree when she was young, and learned that it did her no favors. She then got her degree in her [...]

My Landlord Finally Did the Right Thing

My parents grew up in New York City, and I loved listening to the stories about them growing up there. We lived out in the country where things were so slow and quiet. That was nice when I was very young, but as I grew older, I longed for more activity and culture. So, when [...]