Figuring out the Space I Will Need

I needed to temporarily store my furniture and other possessions, but I was not sure where to do this. There are a lot of different storage facilities in the city, but that did not mean that they were all equal as far as prices, security and customer service. I went to each of their websites to learn more about the company, and the Store Friendly website proved to be the best one. It gave me a feeling of security that my possessions would be in good hands at their facility. Since it is just about everything that I own, I wanted to have that feeling of security.

Their website also helped me in ways that I was not expecting. The first thing I did when I went there was read testimonials from other customers who have used their storage facility in the past. Some are current customers too, which indicates that long term storage is ideal here since the customers would have moved their items elsewhere if they were not happy. I looked at the different size storage units, but I was not sure which one would be ideal for what I needed.

That is how their website really helped me a lot. I was able to use a calculator on one of their website pages. It was separated by different rooms in a house, such as bedroom and living room, and it also had a miscellaneous and appliance section. For the bedroom section, I put in my bed, my dresser, a night table and a rocking chair. I did the same for my living room and kitchen as well as my appliances. There was even a spot for me to put my fan! After putting everything in this calculator, it computed the cubic footage, and that helped me to select the right size storage unit. My things have been there for nearly two months now, and I am very happy knowing that I am paying a low price and my items are safe and protected!

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