Getting the House Ready to Sale

I was thinking that maybe I would be able to get this house sold with no issues and without even putting in any work, but the guy who wanted it was just not prepared for the process. If you look at the stuff that you need to do, it is a lot of things and it adds a lot of money to the total cost of it on top of what you need for the down payment. This guy came over here and did not think about the closing costs and the home insurance and all of the money you have to pay all of the people who are needed to make the process work. He thought that he was going to be able to just sit down and write me a check for a down payment and then have me sell him the house just like that. I did not know how to break it to him, because I wanted to see if he was going to be able to pull it off.

The guy was apparently a very smart guy, a computer guy at some big company who had gone to college and then gotten a really good job. I would guess that he was probably around twenty five years old or some such age. Still just because you can fix computers and you know your tech does not make you up to speed on this sort of thing. When I bought this house it was a real ordeal for Anna and me. We did not have the sort of income that this guy does and we needed people to help us out with the down payment and all of the other things that we needed to get done. Her Dad was the one who got us through it.

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