I Switched to a Reliable Energy Company

When energy was deregulated in Texas, Amigo Energy was one of the first companies on the scene to provide energy to a multitude of homes and businesses across the state. I remember wanting to find out more information on them about a year ago, because I had seen advertisements for them, and I was impressed with what I knew just from that limited bit of exposure. When I saw an online ad that said to click here for more information on Amigo, that is what I did. That is the day that I learned that not all energy companies are the same, and I made the switch to them.

One of the main things I liked about their company was their online account management tool. I was able to access my account with my former company, but it was extremely confusing to me. I didn’t want to have information overload. I just wanted to be able to see my bill, know how much was coming from my account, and be aware of any updates that might be coming in the near future. I also liked their rate plans a lot better than the company I was with before switching to Amigo Energy.

I did have options with that company too, but there were more options that fit me better with Amigo. I liked having the freedom of switching between the plans anytime I needed or wanted to. There were plans that are on contract while others are monthly without any commitment from me. I looked over all of the options carefully, and I decided to get on a fixed monthly plan because I felt that it would be best for me. Switching to them was extremely simple, and I like knowing I am with one of the most reliable energy companies in Texas.

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