Mom is Receiving the Help She Needs from Me and a Caretaker

I am only 20 years old and I am in college. My mother taught me that it is important to go to school so that I don’t struggle throughout life. She put off getting a degree when she was young, and learned that it did her no favors. She then got her degree in her thirties and found that life became much easier. I love her to death, so it was a shock to see that she had health problems and needed elder care in Queens to help get her through her day. However, it turned out to be a good thing for her, and I am glad that such help exists.

I originally decided to take a break by taking one semester off to help my mom. But after many doctor visits, it soon became apparent with the doctor’s advice that mom would not be getting much better. She needed full time help with all the basics that the rest of us take for granted each day. She needed help with someone cooking for her because she could not stand for very long. She needed help with showering because she gets so weak in the shower. She needed help with laundering her clothes and keeping her place clean.

I pondered leaving school permanently, but mom told me not to do that or I could easily find myself never going back and not graduating. It was her idea to hire someone. So, I got to work and contacted a lot of different companies to get pricing and meet with their employees. After quite a few interviews, mom and I settled on a nice lady who said she would be happy to work for us. She come during the day to help mom while I go to classes each day during the week. At night, I do my homework and take care of other things for mom, and it is really working out well.

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