My Brother, the New Business Man

Buyers | Jill Burlington | Associate Broker, Warren Real Estate ...My brother did not go to college as he did not like school and he worked a lot of dead end jobs that did not end up adding up to much. I knew that there were a lot of people that wanted to get him into working a job that dealt with people because he could sell anyone anything as he was really a good smooth talker. I did not want to speak with my brother about the fact that he was telling people in our area that we buy any house as long as the people want to sell. I had no idea what he and my dad were up to but it sounded interesting. I did not want to tell them that I knew what was going on but I had to ask them when we went out for dinner and they said that they had a big announcement to tell all of us.

I knew that it must have to do with the business that they were going to be announcing that they were going into together but I wanted to act very surprised when they told us what it was. They were going to be going to buy homes from people that could no longer afford to live in them and they wanted people to know that they were not taking advantage of them, they just wanted to know what they were doing to save their homes. My dad and brother would do cosmetic work to the house and then they would either turn around and sell them for a profit or if it was really nice they would rent the house out to tenants. I thought that this was good and I wanted in on it and they told me that is why they asked me to dinner.

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