Problematic Air Conditioner Finally is Fixed Right

I was looking at the Great Aircon servicing YouTube video when I was trying to find a quality air conditioning repair service. We have one of those ceiling mounted AC units in our house. I have never liked it at all. However, it is okay as long as it works. The problem is that we have had at least four repair technicians from four different air conditioning service centers come out over the last year. Each time it is something different that is the problem. I wanted it fixed once and for all.

I was impressed with the Great Aircon servicing YouTube video I saw. It looked like these people had the knowledge, experience and skill to fix our ceiling air conditioner unit. The wall units in the other living areas work great. It is just that one ceiling model that is the problem. The technician sent out to repair it had actually done extensive training on the very brand we have. He also had one in his own house. He could tell what was wrong with it just by listening to it run. He replaced two components that the other guys overlooked, and he explained that the problem mimics other things. He told us that is why they thought the other parts needed replaced when they really did not.

He also explained that it was an intermittent issue that would come and go as the unit was powered down and restarted. This is why it acted like it was working fine after the other guys fixed it. This service call with parts was less than the other times it was fixed, and this time it was actually fixed. We have not had any issues with it for months now. The problem would resurface every few weeks. I think this guy actually got it right, and he is on our list to call if we have any more air conditioning problems.

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