Retiring and Enjoying the Latest Satellite Television Technology

Sometimes it is just too hot to go outside for very long. The humidity gets me. My wife and I are retired and take a midday break in the summer now. We usually do our TV watching in the evening, but when it is really hot outside we stop what we are doing and have a light lunch in front of the TV with the AC on in the early afternoon. We like our little break when the sun is directly overhead. However, we did go to and got DirecTV so we could have many hours of DVR programming recorded to choose from.

With our TV watching time switched from the evening to the early afternoon in the summer, we set the DVR to record all of our favorite primetime shows in the evening so we can watch them at lunch. Our DirecTV box is able to record five shows at once and can store a whole lot of movies and series episodes. We like to binge watch if it is a really hot day. When evening rolls around now it frees up our time to get out for a nice long walk, go shopping or out to dinner and even relax and doze on our screened in porch.

Retirement should be what you want, and this is what we want. We do a bit of limited traveling. We went to some cold places and hot places and go see the distant relatives on holidays at times. However, there really is no place like home. We enjoy our DirecTV, our big couch and our two bog dogs. We watch TV, enjoy a snack and a cold drink and take it easy. This TV technology did not exist when I first started working the job I retired from. I am glad it is available to us now in our golden years.

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